There’s lots more to come from this guide, but it’s still a work in progress. If you’re keen for more, you have the knoweldge to look at any general docker-compose documentation. The awesome LinuxServer guys have a great starting guide here.

In future updates to this guide, I’ll add content on:

  • More complex docker-compose files
  • Specifying multiple containers in a single files
  • Dealing with volumes
  • Dealing with environement variables
  • Dealing with awkward networking setups (Such as pihole/adguard which require a dedicated IP)
  • Using a separate .env files
  • Multiple real-life example compose files, including one for the Ultimate Unraid Dashboard
  • How to migrate your existing containers into a compose file
  • How to turn a docker run command into a compose definition
  • …and much more!

If you have any suggestions for other content, feel free to comment on any of the threads on reddit or the forums about this guide, or open up an issue on the github page for this site.